Solution Assurance Services

Solution Assurance Services is a program that helps you get maximum protection and value out of your investment – from the very beginning of your project. By providing the right combination of consulting, training programs, and support services, along with tools and best practices expertise, Solution Assurance Services helps you optimize every phase of firewall implementation, from pre-installation to production.

The three stages of Solution Assurance Services:


Achieve faster time to production by taking advantage of services for deployment assistance from Palo Alto Networks. Start by getting your team product training, along with accreditations and certifications, to develop a deep understanding of how to implement and use our next-generation firewall. Next, take advantage of consulting services to help with deployment planning, migration and cutover to production.


Maintain non-stop protection for your investment using services to manage our next-generation firewall. A range of world-class services are available, including around-the-clock support, fast turnaround hardware replacement plans, and options for on-site spares.


Get more functionality, value and performance out of your next-generation firewall deployment through services for ongoing improvement. Services are available for product health checks, product tuning, and performance optimization.

Save time, reduce risk, and maximize value with Solution Assurance Services. Achieve the full potential of your next-generation firewall solution. Deploy, manage, and optimize your network security project with Solution Assurance Services.

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